Cheating Husband Found secret Facebook

Cheating Husband Found secret Facebook

Had the worst week ever and that�s why I haven�t had the ability to post videos on the internet lately. First, I
smashed my thumb within my car door, after collecting my daughter from school. I had to have my finger nail
drilled into to release all the blood that filled up inside it. Doctor explained my nail would go away. Then my
husband came home very late one evening, was acting funny and immediately went to bed. That raised
suspicion, he left his phone out, so I went through it. I found a secret Facebook my better half had that I
did not know about. I am devastated! Used google gmail account to find a voice recording as part of his searches.
Also used incognito web browser that opened up a secret Facebook!! I came across old messages entirely
from November of 2015 from lots of different women! A few women, knowing he was married together a
child with me at night. �Mutual friends� that I thought were my pals, didn�t even tell me he was frequently using
this account. Having a hard time dealing with all of this! I�m in shock at all the obstacles that keep popping
up in my life out of nowhere since I decided to change my well being, do something different, & begin my
journey to weight-loss. It makes it nearly impossible not to fall into depression. I’m still registering what
all has brought place and trying to find out my next move. All I am aware is I want to be ok rather than slip into a
depressive mode. I was thinking talking it out can help you me. Maybe get advice using their company wives and mothers
which have experienced something similar and get advice and support from their store. Hopefully I can get
through it! Be kind in your comments, I seriously need your support!



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